HumpDay LoverDose

by Tiny Tide

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A long time ago a friend of mine took a very catchy picture with some flowers. I was really impressed by the pick. It had some kind of pop energy and reminded me a lot of "Red Rose Speedways", the Wings album. So I thought: wouldn't it be great she agrees to make it happen? Luckily enough my friend Eugi is a kind person an the whole project took off, somewhere - or "somewhen" - 'round winter 2013. Same thing happened before with "A
Forest EP".

"Back To Anorak City", "Wild In The Wildlife" and "The Singer And The Clown" were the first ones to be recorded. They are a tribute to Sarah, Anorak, Cloudberry Records and they are all performed with Simona Rovida.

"Holy Land" started with a choir I heard in a dream just like "Don't Change Your Life" and "Easter Eggs" before. The Holy Land is a state of mind, something or someone we look forward to see or really hard to reach, infact any knd of important achievement requiring an helping hand from outside. Just like a real time! That's why the second part contains references to Land-Grant Holy Land and its Ohio State updates.

"Emanuelle VHS" was inspired by a friend of mine. I tried to hint at different vintage stuff and feelings dealing with the story of this girl spinnin' around the country caught in between shows and love affairs.

"Ballerina Flat" started as a pun between the fashionable trendy shoes without heels and a real ballerina apartment. I'm really proud of the line "So Many Colours Like Calico Cats". Don't know why. I find it very simple and evocative at the same time.

Then the Valentine F. Meedley Starts, with the four parts I. Valentine Zoo, II. Former Tenderness Addict, III. Flowers After The Wall, IV. Old House. just like in Red Rose Speedway, but in a more Berlinbowiesque way. The first part of the song takes place in the 80's, with a girl playing with her dolls. The girl grows up to follow the path of Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo 'till the fall of the Berlin Wall. Last part of the meedley is set in the future, coming back to the house where she used to play. Quite a challange!
I wrote "Kìss Him Goodbye" the day a girl I really fancied told me she started dating some other guy. That's where my invide to kiss this Mr. Someone fukity bye comes from.

It's actually the song I love the most from this album, it's genuine, true and soulful. It could fit in a musical.

"Teenage Things" it's a tribute to Sonic Youth. I used my friend Gennaro Spaccamonti's Fender Telecaster to bring out some shoegaze noisy strokes.

Really hope you like this album. It's one of my works that took a bit long to be written and grow and so it takes along very different moods and filings along with it. We can say that it's a collection of personal golden moments I managed to gather on the finest humpdays of 2013. It's a true honour share them with you. Send your feedback to


released January 3, 2014

Written and recorded by Mark Zonda,

w/ Simona Rovida

Feat. Eugi Angelini



all rights reserved


Tiny Tide Cesena, Italy

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Track Name: Back To Anorak City
Take Me Down

Take me back to the Anorak City where the girls are twee and the boys so hippy
Take me back out of bitterly feelings where the clouds are wimp and the days so cheesy

Take Me Back

August hit a farwell kiss
take your second chance on this
We should cheat on history
Let's rewrite our destiny

Take me back, back to that camp
Can't you see it's a revamp
Take me back and we'll be fine
Dancing by the fire

All night long, all night long
To the place where we belong
Take me home but take the call
Hear my country sing, sing song
Sing this song!

Take me back to that Anorak City where the girls are twee and the boys so hippy
Take me back out of bitterly feelings where the clouds are wimp and the days so cheesy

Not enough, not enough
Sing aloud this anthem on
You'll be proud, take me home
It's the only palce, here we go

Take Me Back
Track Name: Wild In The WildLife
Picture in your mind
Our planets realigned
One undred light years from our lives
Our feelings will survive

And When we'll meet outside
Then I will be your guide
trippin' by the moonlight
when a friend is hard to find
You'll be mine

Let's go wild in the wildlife
Step beside me and have some fun
Let's go wild in the wildlife
We'll succeed in the long run
When we'll catch the sun

Picture in your days
Our love is here to stay
One undred kisses Prince and Wife
Each beat will fill our hearts

Summer is the time
to bind good jokes with rhymes
when the birds will start to sing
we'll be partner in crime
In a while

We'll be wild in the wildlife
Steppin' down at the bus stop
We'll survive in the wildlife
And succeed in the long run
We will catch the sun

Will we find a way
To the great escape?
No instructions to place pieces that we need to match
Can I call you friend? Will you play the game
I will do my best to catch that chance and run away
Track Name: The Singer And The Clown
She's a little dancer dancing by the fire in the circus at night
I'm a little fool in search of a song

She's a little bastard as soon as he'll know he'll be so far away
Is the answer love or am I just close?

Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Are we fine?
We don't know!

She's that little maniac and she knows where to put all her troubles at night
Sure I can't complaing, I'm holding her tight!

Granpa was a champion but he's just a champ from an exotique town
don't you dare to laugh, I'm just a clown!

Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Are we fine?
Here we go!

And together we are walking miles so fast
Getting over troubles and the past
May the shadows that we cast do last
Please come fast

We are killing jokes along the path all right
Never crossing one another's lines
But today it's fine
Can't think stright

Met her at a party, she was dressed so fine dancing by the stobe light
She lookes hip and bright from the place where I hide

He was crazy dancing goin' out of time, perfect partner in crime
What a real surprise, cought myself on a smile

Is it late?
Shoud I go?
Will he run?
Here she comes!

And together we are kissing friends goodbye
Trading all the tears we had for smiles
Painting our faces and the car with red and white

And the killing jokes that used to be all right
Have grown up and now they walked the line
Still we understand now
Hear our laugh
The singer and the clown
Track Name: Holy Land
Holy land or better place I can stand

Holy Land, you're the only one I demand

So you brought me hope
I was lost and I got home
Oh you threw the rope
In the foam

On top of beers
You came in and disappeared
Leaving hints of hope
In my ear

We are the same
Right everywhere
We've got to find the way
A highest aim
The will to care
I wanna know where's my

My Holy land or better place I can stand

Holy Land you're the only one I could tell

Ohio State
Running first in the road game
Oh he's doin' great
When he plays

He's gettin' loose
So get ready to escape
With a victory
For your fan

My biggest fear
For Saturday
Is running the same fate

I'm getting near
you're getting late
I hope we'll meet half way
Track Name: Emanuelle VHS
She was banned from French
And the mile high club
So she packed her bags
Rewind the tape
Saturday my dear
She's coming back
So get ready mum
She's here to stay

Emmamuel VHS
Emmanuel I'm obsessed
Emmanuel Now she Can't
Emmanuel came and went

You're the dream my dear
I would embrace
And my memory
On videotape
Dancing lights
And cigarettes
Among pretty things
I want to share

Emmanuel VHS
Emmanuel move your legs
Emmanuel having sex
Emmanuel you are next

Feeling like we're players
In a video game...
Emmanuel into space

Wrappin' up in prayers
For a beautiful day
Am I deserving grace
Track Name: Ballerina Flat
She's an old soul pretty young
I never saw her smile
She was always on the run
so worried 'bout her style
Music from the second floor
I stop to say "Hello"
When I came in through the door
I found a brand new home

Where I could go
To let it flow
We didn't need to hold

To turn it on
And make it glow
A long long time ago

So many colours
Like calico cats
In your ballerina flat

So many warm spots
I just have to look at
In your ballerina flat

So I take my shoes off
On your welcome mat
From your ballerina flat

I didn't know
It was your show
You really got my soul

Now come on home
My sleepy swan
You'll never be alone

And take your shoes off
It's time to relax
In your ballerina flat

Right to the place
The place where we sat
In your ballerina flat

So this is our moment
So show me your best
Turn that ballerina flat

Curtain calls
On our cursed sleep
Hid the rag dolls
From vanishing sheeps
The longer we're closer
The deeper we dream
We dream

So many colours
Like calico cats
In your ballerina flat

So do your best
And try and pay rent
of your ballerina flat

So take your shoes off
Come near and rest
In your ballerina flat
Track Name: I. Valentine Zoo
The couch is now free
Let's turn the tv
The world will wait outside
Where everything hides

What's wrong in these days
You don't get to talk
To your toys anymore
The ones you adore

Don't tell the cabbage patch kids
You can't leave out the dolls
Those cute-yet-ugly girlfriends
We all are dying to own
Wars scoff at little mothers
That bled over that show
Are you sleeping too?
On Valentine ZOO

And so later on
New people joined
Each care friend a name
To doodle your notes
A light radiates
A fictional door
Your fluppy young dog
Got lost in a world

You're an exotic creature
You'll leave at any cost
Give up your glow worm hatcap
And find a brand new home
I'm ready for the bedtime
Do squeeze me in the night
shot that bloody moon
On Valentine Zoo
Track Name: II. Former Tenderness Addict
Gonna leave it all behind me
I've decided, I am sick
Signed by former tenderness addict
You're my heroin

A narcotic juvenile
Do you think I'm gonna die
With one quoter grams a time

I've been packing my suitecase
I'll be running all the way
Subway stations make my day

Will you help me start that brand new life together
Will you care for me I know it's now or never
Can't you see it's todaY or we are fucked forever
I am sick
So sick
Former Tenderness Addict

Can I lead a normal life
Shooting strangers in the park
I was homeless without heart

Love became a subtle grief
In the body, in my skin
Stress-related chemistry

I've been waiting for the milking in the barnyard
I've been playing crazy games in the hayloft
Will the kittens follow my steps when I fall
To the pit
So deep
Of a tenderness addict
Track Name: III. Flowers After The Wall
I got up
And somehow I made it over
To the mirror in my room
And I say
"I can't take it anymore"

I recall
Singing songs for radio lovers
Half a century ago
Not too bad
But these days that bitch has gone

And I can't do it
I just can't
And I can't answer at the phone

I get up
I was there the night that fell
On a red and nazi past
When she came
I was helpless in her bed

On a small house near the clinic
We were brave and newlywed
You bought cough drops, cleaned the vomit
I could not even say thanks

Couldn't do it
I could not
And it's a love I can't confess
I can't help it
It's my fault
Put the flowers
After the wall

And I can't do it
I could not
And it's a love I can't confess
And I can't tell her
It's my fault
I put the flowers
After the wall

I couldn't do it
I could not
Track Name: IV. Old House
Old house
By the road
We were there
All day long

Playing games
Singing songs
That's the place
We belong

Every room has grown a vintage charm from ground to top
See the fireplace for our burning hearts

Switchthat door
Come et me show

My old house
In the past
I'll come back
Now and then

There's a couch
To attend
TV dreams
On the set

Will you help me start that brand new life together
Will you care for me I know it's now or never

Will the cabinets may be in again
I will save some cash for new pulls and knobs

that door

Let me show

My old house
Are you sleeping too?
Track Name: Kiss Him Goodbye
Each time you're here
I really can't explain
This lover's world it's turning
Turnin outer space

So come and smile
We're gonna have good times
The night it's spinning over
overjoyed delight

Kiss him goodbye
I really don't know why
You can't choose to feel better
Better choose
Choose wise

It's time to hide
He surely had his time
To think and turn to better
Better moves
And lies

It's your long hair
It's killing my career
Each time that you are near
I stumble in your dreams

What if you'd stay
And let them disappear
Together we'd be singing
Our world premiere

"I know I know I know
I'll give her one more try"
Go head and eat these words
With a slice of humble pie

"Hello, Hello, Hello to Cali Sky"
Now close your eyes, I'm really trying...

Kiss her goodbye
Dear partner in cirme
This sweetie wouldn't take it
Take me home

It's time to hide
I know she changed her mind
If you think you would be better
Better run
Be mine
Track Name: TeenAge Things
Pink classy lips sassy never trashy
To get another heart for your girly thing make up
You make up
No wave city bands bring the noise to party
You deep another Starkbucks nail into your cup
You lay-up

Was the music
Your first duty
Well it should

Was the worst things
Really stupid
Bad reviews

Shelley's playing hard singing like Madonna
She began to act like Marilyn Monroe
I just wish she knew this is what I wanna
I was so in love a long long time ago

We made our most
From these wasted
Toxic dumps

Finding new songs
To lose feelings
Then break up

I feel a lot of danger in your teenage things
Today a brand new car swerved out in front of me

Sonic Sister
Take this pop song
Make it crack

What the fuck brain
It was love then
Take it back

It's a rolling stone in your daydream nation
Messin' up with flu when I had to talk to you
Cool things bound to glow like a radiation
You can't turn around and walk into the blue

It's a simple
Guitar hero
Thing to do

That's the reason
Awesome movies
Flirt with you

You're a diamond
They all wanna
Borrow you

Tryin' to tell you
Something cleaver
You should do

She just didn't need anyone around her
Eating flaming Cheetos on her way to school

So don't ask her why
Stay and wait a while
She'll be fine

It's more than a lie
That you need to hide
Hold the line

I don't know what changed, used to be so normal
Now the city life never got to be that cool
In your teenage things